An Invitation/Introduction to the Humanist Union Society

The ‘HU’ is a registered Canadian society open to anyone with an interest in:

  1. Humanism as the emerging credo of our human species. We are not interested in religious acrimony whatsoever, as anglophone ‘humanists’ bent on ‘debunking’ religion often are. Instead, we directly address the human aspiration expressed in all major faiths for an afterlife, via engineered programs enabling each member to access successive life cycles based on their personal DNA.

  2. DNA stewardship in recognition of the fact that our own identity and ‘franchise’ in Life lies within the DNA found in every cell of our body. Genity is the science of managing our individual DNA and its life cycles, and together with advanced biobanking functioning as a modest time machine, we can regenerate ourselves to enjoy multiple, fresh life cycles in the centuries to come.

A Private Society dedicated to DNA stewardship

The Humanist Union Society (Canada), offers consulting and biobanking services that include advanced dry DNA biobanking and vapor vitrification of whole blood/tissue samples. Our goal as a democratic, private non-profit Society is to integrate advanced medical regeneration technologies as a decentralized, autonomous organization (DAO). Today we concentrate on long-term DNA stewardship.

The current Moderator of the Society is Dwight Gilbert Jones

Contact: (604) 836-7300

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Your participation includes all official announcements of the Humanist Union, discussion of the related technologies and programs, including smart contract structuring and blockchain transactions. Your membership fee (1 ETH) also includes legacy DNA security in Canada’s leading DNA biobanking facility, along with a stainless steel capsule containing your purified and fortified DNA that you simply store at room temperature.

Fully vitrified blood and tissue storage is an option, for your future regeneration, along with Society overview of your contracts, held on the Ethereum blockchain.

All inquiries remain confidential.

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Fresh ideas seen as realized. Big tent notions like immortality, world federalism, Starlink, UN, Ether - Humanism. Our human franchise is sacred. Understanding any individual's opportunity of a few centuries to reflect.


Dwight Gilbert Jones

Writing as TFN (The Future News), Dwight Gilbert Jones presents humanist concepts and networking in pursuit of successive life cycles via advanced, existing technologies. He is the author of "The Humanist Series - 1000 Summers" (Amazon Books).