Do you have a link to this Dwight?

I wasn't able to find it on Military Armistice Commission or other U.N. websites.

I'm curious weather this means the U.N. will play a stronger military role in global affairs, or if they would staff bases with Humanitarian Aid workers or Blue Helmets.

Have you seen CHD's report on sexual abuse covered up by U.N. through their immunities? This concern would be amplified in a huge way if they're taking over 700 military bases. Immunity should end for all especially politicians & diplomats if we are genuinely going to have progress on the humanitarian fronts.

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It's from The Future News, which explores concepts before they're implemented. Your mentions of child abuse are suggestive of your being exposed to US propaganda about the UN. This is not a concept the US can grasp, it's too far underwater that way. I float it for other eyes...

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